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Baby, it’s cold outside!

A massive winter storm called a bomb cyclone has unleashed snow, wind, and ice throughout the East Coast, leaving most everyone hunkered down inside.

And bored too, right? Once food, water, and shelter have been secured, there’s really nothing left to do. You’ve already binge-watched Stranger Things, and there are only so many games on solitaire one can play.

That means it’s time to make the most of this doozy and grab it by the snowballs.

Yes, that is a euphemism.

Twenty-five major snowstorms and superstorms have been predicted for the 2017-2018 winter season, which means birth rates could see a bump or two. Or 25.

The good folks at Treetopia.com have compiled a fun list of the top 10 steamiest snowstorms — that is, the winter storms in recent history that have resulted in a boom of snow babies.

Some things to note:

• According to their data, Superstorm Sandy is ranked the “sexiest storm.” Nine to 10 months after the storm, hospitals reported up to 30-percent increases in birth rates.

• In January 2010, the UK got in on this action with the third-most steamy storm, which resulted in the highest birth rate in 20 years.

• Some states in New England and the nearby region saw a year-over-year difference of as many as 1,000 new babies in January 1996, making this number five on Treetopia’s list.

Trees in snow with a little bit of sunlight dappling the branches

Experts are divided over whether blizzard baby booms are real, by the way. While anecdotal evidence might lean toward yes, researchers say correlation doesn’t necessarily imply causation. The most definitive study yet on how catastrophic events affect birth rates shows low-level, low-severity storm advisories result in more babies. Meanwhile, birth rates actually decrease during severe weather events.

So stay warm and safe, everyone. And depending on how this bomb cyclone goes, in nine to 10 months, we just might see a spike in babies named Grayson.

What will you be busy doing on your snow day?

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